Tips From a Seasoned Interviewer: Kristin Lund of Naples, Florida

Over the course of her long and successful career as a health and wellness coach, Kristin N. Lund has gained extensive experience as an executive through her positions as the president and owner of Smart Health Resources as well as her time spent as the vice president of Lund Capital Group and Praise and Leadership Schools.

Kristin Lund of Naples, Florida has used her influence to gain chances to interview a vast number of interesting people. As Kristin N. Lund developed her skills as an interviewer, she had the chance to interview individuals from a wide range of professions, such as basketball great Larry Bird, author Marianne Williamson, Mother Theresa, and Sir John Templeton, the financier.

If you are interested in learning how to conduct insightful interviews, here are Kristin N. Lund’s best recommendations.

Do your research. Kristin Lund of Naples, Florida encourages you to learn everything you can about an individual before you come to interview them. They will appreciate your preparation, and you will be better equipped to discuss their life with them.

Ask the right questions. Kristin N. Lund suggests that you use your research to find the areas of the person’s life that will be interesting to anyone who hears or reads your interview. A thoughtful question should draw out new stories and insights into the interviewee’s life.

Request practical advice. If you are writing an article, Kristin N. Lund points out that your readers will be most attracted to helpful advice. Ask your interviewee for their practical insight into issues surrounding their field.

Have fun! An interview should be a candid discussion between friendly individuals, according to Kristin N. Lund. Encourage a warm atmosphere that feels like a safe place to discuss personal details and opinions.

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Kristin Lund of Naples, Florida: President of Smart Health Resources

Kristin Lund of Naples, Florida is a well respected member of the wellness community. Kristin N. Lund has recently launched a company called Smart Health Resources. Kristin N. Lund is the president and owner of Smart Health Resources. Smart Health Resources works with individuals and corporations to promote health and wellness. Kristin N. Lund has extensive experience with helping people determine and achieve their wellness goals.

Corporate wellness programs are a primary focus of Kristin N. Lund. Kristin N. Lund feels that these programs are a great way to reach the greatest number of people. Corporate wellness programs have many benefits for both the employer and employees. Kristin N. Lund notes that corporate wellness programs can lower health insurance costs. This is a savings that both employers and employees will benefit from. Companies that Kristin N. Lund has worked with also report improved productivity and an increase in employee job satisfaction. Kristin N. Lund is pleased to announce that the employee wellness program that she runs has a participation rate of 98% among employees. This level of participation is very rare. Kristin N. Lund is able to inspire people to become involved in her wellness program. She credits years of dynamic public speaking experience and her genuine enthusiasm as key factors to her success.

Smart Health Resources also offers wellness programs for individuals. Kristin N. Lund is able to offer one-on-one counseling and coaching to individuals who want to improve their quality of life through lifestyle changes. Kristin N. Lund is proud of her proven track record in the area of wellness coaching. She has successfully helped many clients to lose weight, alleviate pain, retard and reverse the progression of degenerative diseases, sleep better, and relieve chronic migraine headaches. Additionally, Kristin N. Lund’s clients have reported increased productivity and happiness as a result of participation in the wellness program. Kristin N. Lund is proud of her success with health and wellness education and looks forward to continued future success.

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5 Reasons to Implement a Corporate Wellness Program with Kristin N. Lund

Kristin N. Lund is well regarded professional in the field of wellness coaching. Kristin N. Lund helps corporations establish and implement wellness initiatives for their employees. The companies that Kristin N. Lund has worked with are extremely pleased with the results of the wellness initiative. Kristin N. Lund notes that there are many benefits to both the employees and employer when a wellness workplace program is adopted.

1. Lower insurance costs. One of the most cost effective benefits of a healthier workforce is a reduction in health care premiums. Some insurance carriers offer incentives to companies who implement a wellness program. Smoking cessation and weight loss are two key components of most wellness programs. Health insurance carriers know that wellness programs promote health. Healthier employees translate to lower health costs.

2. Improve productivity. Employees who participate in a wellness program have increased feelings of satisfaction regarding their work. When employees enjoy and gain satisfaction from their work productivity increases. Healthier employees handle stress better and are absent less frequently. Employers who offer wellness programs report greater employee retention. The retention of employees saves employers money.

3. Promote camaraderie. Implementing a wellness program is a great way to get your employees to work together toward a common goal. Many companies have implemented “Biggest Loser” type contests within the workplace in order to promote weight loss. Competition is a great motivator. Colleagues can offer support and encouragement to one another.

4. Increase morale. Employees are the number one resource for any company. Companies that adopt a wellness program send a message to employees that they are an important and valued resource. Employees who feel valued tend to show a greater investment in their work.

5. Increase employee satisfaction. Companies that have implemented a workplace wellness program report an increase in employee satisfaction. Employees who feel satisfied with their work tend to be more productive and work with fewer missed days.

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Acclaimed Wellness Coach: Kristin Lund of Naples, Florida

Kristin Lund of Naples, Florida is extremely enthusiastic about her work in the field of wellness coaching. Kristin N. Lund is committed to helping people. Improving the quality of life for others has always been the primary focus of Kristin N. Lund’s work.

Kristin N. Lund is currently working on developing an online resource that will help users establish, track, and attain their wellness goals. The portal will also provide useful information such as recent articles and scientific findings that relate to the theme of wellness. The online resource will be a great place for people to find support and encouragement.

Making a lifestyle change can be extremely difficult. Kristin N. Lund has worked with countless clients assisting them with their wellness goals. Kristin N. Lund is optimistic about the potential for her site. She feels that when you make a public commitment to something there is more incentive to see the goal through to completion. Kristin N. Lund will share her winning strategies for goal realization with the online community.

Kristin Lund of Naples, Florida has a long and impressive list of credentials. In 2007 she earned a master’s degree from New York University. She is a Coach 2100 Trained Negotiator. Kristin N. Lund is a licensed trainer and facilitator for the Virtues Project. The Virtues Project is a global grassroots program that seeks to foster and inspire the concept of virtue in everyday life. Facilitators undergo a strict training process. Facilitators, like Kristin N. Lund are encouraged to spread the philosophy and principles of the Virtues Project within their home communities.

She is also a certified Premier Live Well Coach. Kristin N. Lund is a Sanoviv Nutrition and Health Advisor. Kristin N. Lund has also been attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and will complete their Health Coach Training Program later this year. Kristin Lund of Naples, Florida is invested in continuing education and career development. Kristin N. Lund brings years of experience as well as a contagious enthusiasm to her job as a wellness coach.

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What is a Health Advisor? with Kristin Lund of Naples FL

While many people have heard of personal trainers, few may have heard the term “health advisor.” This being the case, there are lots of misconceptions surrounding the health advising profession. Kristin Lund of Naples FL is more than happy to clear these misconceptions up.

A health advisor is more than a personal trainer, since a personal trainer typically only focuses on the exercise part of the equation. While having an active lifestyle is definitely a key element in being a healthy, balanced person, it’s not the only element necessary to live a healthy life. Diet and nutrition are also extremely important; most people have likely heard of a nutritionist before. A health advisor takes some of the elements of personal training and some of the elements of being a nutritionist and marries them together.

Kristin Lund of Naples FL believes that the role of the health advisor is more important than ever in the modern internet age. This is because there is so much misinformation on the internet when it comes to health and wellness. Some people just don’t know where to start, and others might take misinformation as facts. Dieting can be a dangerous experience if one cuts out too many essential food groups. While this may indeed be a way to lose weight, it’s not a way to become a healthy person!

Health advisors also assist with other areas of health that are unrelated to weight loss and exercise – for example, Kristin Lund of Naples FL often helps individuals who have a hard time falling asleep. Many people do not know that drinking alcohol actually makes it harder to go asleep, no matter what the old wives’ tale of a “nightcap” may say.

People like Kristin Lund of Naples FL work hard to make sure that everybody has a chance to become a healthy, well, happy individual. And that is what a health advisor truly does.


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Corporate Wellness and Kristin Lund of Naples FL

There are many different ways to approach health and wellness, and Kristin Lund of Naples FL is familiar with many of them. The most prominent public idea of an individual that creates wellness plans is that they are strictly one-on-one endeavors. While there are many people that Kristin Lund of Naples FL has worked with individually, her company, Smart Health Resources, actually specializes in something that is known as a corporate wellness plan.

Kristin Lund of Naples FL is more than happy to explain what a corporate wellness plan is. A corporate wellness plan is where she partners up with an existing organization in order to help them create a plan. This plan includes how the corporation can work in order to better the health of its employees.

Many people might wonder why corporations would hire Kristin Lund of Naples FL to do this – after all, it doesn’t seem like something that would directly impact the bottom line. Kristin Lund of Naples FL can explain why this is a very shortsighted view of the situation; wellness plans actually help corporations save time and money!

Why? First of all, well employees are much more happy and productive. Imagine a room full of sick individuals, and a room of well ones. Which one will do more work? Naturally, the well group. Corporate wellness plans help corporations save money in terms of productivity.

Additionally, Kristin Lund of Naples FL would ask you to consider how much money corporations pay in order to provide health plans. The sicker an employee is and the more that they must draw on their health plan, the more that the corporation must pay in order to insure that employee. Keeping the workforce well saves thousands of dollars in health costs.

Keeping a corporation well is a hard job, but Kristin Lund of Naples FL loves it and wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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Leadership Experience: Kristin Lund of Naples FL

Currently, Kristin Lund of Naples FL is best known for her work as a wellness coach, where she partners with corporations and individuals and assists in working out health and wellness plans. The overall goal is to help both individuals and corporations be healthier and live happier, longer lives. In order to take on this sort of responsibility, a modicum of leadership is needed. Fortunately, Kristin Lund of Naples FL’s past is full of evidence that she is a very effective leader that can rise to the occasion if necessary.

Kristin Lund of Naples FL once worked as an account executive for the Magazine Collection Bureau. On her own, Kristin Lund of Naples FL expanded corporate revenue by converting leads into clients. With her skills and leadership, she was truly an asset to the company.

Kristin Lund of Naples FL has considerable administrative experience; as Vice President of Praise and Leadership schools, where she oversaw more than 80 teachers and staff members. Her experience in executive positions doesn’t stop there, however; later, she was the Vice President of the Lund Capital Group. Here, she worked with investment portfolios of over $100 million!

All of this wonderful leadership experience has lead Kristin Lund of Naples FL to become President of Smart Health Resources. Currently she is best known for her work in wellness and in health, but it’s important to realize that people like Kristin Lund of Naples FL aren’t just fitness coaches. They have the experience and leadership and drive necessary in order to climb to the top of their particular career ladders.

Kristin Lund of Naples FL hasn’t always worked in health, but she does say that her work as President of Smart Health Resources has been some of the most valuable of her career. She lives working with individuals to help them along an individual path of wellness; she also loves having the leadership to take them there.

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